[sword-devel] Accented Greek text

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Sat Apr 28 16:25:46 MST 2007

Lyndon Drake <lyndon at arotau.com> writes:
> is there any way to get accents?

Aim your Sword UI's module manager at ftp.kleinpaste.org in
/pub/sword, and you will find TischUP, which is Ulrik Petersen's
Tischendorf 8th Greek NT, v1.5, which is a fully-accented Greek NT,
w/source obtained from http://morphgnt.org/projects/tischendorf.

Due to the fact that I always wanted a 2-testament Greek Bible, I
constructed another module, LXXTischUP, consisting of the LXX OT and
TischUP NT.  Regrettably, LXX lacks diacriticals.

Neither of these has official Sword Project sanction.  They're just
things I needed.

You are correct, e-Sword has no common parentage with The Sword Project.

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