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DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 26 09:59:18 MST 2007

I just fixed two bugs in osis2mod.

The first was that it did not expect <title/> and treated it as an open 
tag. At the end of the parent element, it noticed that there was not a 
corresponding end tag.

The second was that > is a valid character in text and does not need to 
be escaped. For example, in parsing the following:
<verse osisID="Deut.32.27">sed arrogantiam inimicorum timui, ne 
superbirent hostes eorum et dicerent: >Manus nostra excelsa, et non 
Dominus fecit haec omnia!'.</verse>

It found three tags:
<verse osisID="Deut.32.27">
<verse osisID="Deut.32.27">sed arrogantiam inimicorum timui, ne 
superbirent hostes eorum et dicerent: >

The second of which did not have a closing tag! So osis2mod found the 
error much too late (i.e. at the end of the parent element).

Using a 3rd-party parser (validating or otherwise) would not have these 

Who knows how many more parsing bugs are present.

In Him,

Chris Little wrote:
> DM and I have been chatting a bit off-list about the future/function of 
> osis2mod and I thought maybe we should open up the discussion a bit.
> Right now osis2mod (the tool for converting OSIS Bibles to Sword Bible 
> modules) does some mediocre validity checking as it builds its Sword 
> database. We'll never really get it perfect this way since we aren't 
> doing real schema validation.
> DM has suggested adding a real validating parser to osis2mod (by 
> embedding something like xerces or libxml), so it could spit out an 
> error message if you try to import invalid OSIS.
> I'm not totally convinced we should do that. When I prepare modules from 
> OSIS docs, I always perform validation in an external validator. 
> (Personally I use Oxygen, but there are also XML Spy, MSV, topologi, 
> Xerces, etc.)
> Do people feel that incorporating a real validator would make osis2mod 
> easier to use?
> It could potentially cause the filesize to jump dramatically, so would 
> that be acceptable?
> If we incorporate osis2mod into either front-ends or installmgr so that 
> users could import OSIS documents directly into Sword, would that 
> support or detract from the case for embedding a full validator?
> --Chris
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