[sword-devel] osis2mod

L.Allan-pbio paraclete at bibleinverse.org
Wed Apr 25 21:23:47 MST 2007

>> It could potentially cause the filesize to jump dramatically, so 
>> would
>> that be acceptable?

My 2¢

For front-ends like LcdBible, filesize increase is undesireable 
(audience is 3rd world missionaries with obsolete, donated, dinosaur 
computers/laptops and slooooooow POTS modems that are unreliable and 
may involve an expensive long distance phone bill ..... the 
LcdBible-Nsis 'starter-kit' with the plain-text WEB or BBE can be put 
together in such a way to fit on the equivalent of a floppy disk ... 
just under 1.44 mb).

For pda's (PPC and Palm) and smart-phones, filesize increase is Very 
Undesirable. Searching for something like "pride fall" will be that 
much slower. CLucene is probably not an option.

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