[sword-devel] olpc discussion

Darius Clarke socinian at gmail.com
Tue Apr 24 20:09:00 MST 2007

I believe the intent is to run most things on the OLPC from the web. But
that's filtered by the government and school buying and distributing it. I
know those developing it are humanists who have little use for faith based

Perhaps the easiest way to run something on it would be to develop a
"running image" in Squeak (http://www.squeak.org) , the open source version
of Smalltalk that runs on the OLPC. Smalltalk and Squeak save or persist
their code and data for their applications in one single snapshot file of
the running code (all objects). The VM is already on the OLPC. This is
similar to how VM Ware saves a running image of an OS to a single file that
can be resumed at any time on a PC with the proper VM. This lets your
Smalltalk/Squeak application run identically on any PC and OS that has an
interpreter, which is almost all of them. So, you can develop your Squeak
Bible application on any Win, Mac, Linux PC and it will run on the OLPC. You
can store almost any media/graphic file loaded in memory in the Squeak image
and Squeak knows how to display/perform it as well (though the video codex
available are limited).

What do you think of Squeak?
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