[sword-devel] Windows CS Personal Commentary

Geoffrey W Hastings geoffreyhastings at juno.com
Sun Apr 22 09:41:52 MST 2007

In the help files it says the following
Multiple Verse (passage) Comments 
All the verses of a passage can be linked to the same comment in the
Personal Commentary module. Create a comment using Edit Entry for one of
the verses and then for each remaining verse make the verse current and
then select Link to Comment for Verse and enter the name of the verse
with the comment to link to. Parallel verses can also be linked this way,
though it is best to avoid mixing passage and parallel comments. A better
way to do Parallels and cross-references is to put a verse list in the
comment or copy and paste comments. 
I tried making a test comment on John 1:1 and typed in "this is a test".
I saved on exit and it was visible in the commentary window.
Then when I went to John 1:2 and chose"link to Comment" I typed in John
My comment in John 1:1 disappeared.
Am I misinterpreting the help file or is there a bug in the system.
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