[sword-devel] "commissioning" help?

Governor Staten govsta at nettally.com
Tue Apr 10 21:11:47 MST 2007

sworddev at chrisbaker.com wrote:
> Greetings:
> A while back I suggested a few keyboard shortcuts I thought Sword/Windows
> needed.  I'm not a programmer (at least not any more), but I'd *really*
> like to have those shortcuts available in the program.  Basically, it
> would just consist of attaching keyboard shortcuts to existing controls. 
> Is it appropriate to ask someone on this list to add them & recompile for
> me in exchange for money or well-wishes or some such?  If so, any takers? 
> (I've kludged a workaround with AutoHotKey scripts, but the latency just
> makes it nervewracking.)
> Thanks,
> Chris
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I'm not a programmer either. But, I am visually impaired and would love 
shortcut keys, since the mouse isn't very friendly to one with my lack 
of visual acuity. For now, I'm using e-sword, but would love to use the 
sword project.

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