[sword-devel] sword-devel Digest, Vol 37, Issue 4

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Tue Apr 10 16:39:19 MST 2007

Thanks for tracking down this error. I would guess that someone who uses 
one of the other front-ends overwrote the personal.conf file on the 
server and it has been distributed in that form ever since. I've 
corrected the file, so it should be available for download tomorrow, 
once cron updates the other files.

To summarize, the line "SourceType=ThML" should never have been placed 
in personal.conf on the server and is safe to remove.


sworddev at chrisbaker.com wrote:
> RE:
>> What is happening with the Personal Commentary in Windows CS, (Sword
>> Project for Windows) Version 1.5.9
>> Running on XP
>> I tried to demonstrate how a person could input their own notes in the
>> personal commentary.
>> I input. "This is a personal note" and saved on exiting.
>> Below is how it appears.
>> I have tried this on two different computers running windows XP.
>> { \viewkind4\uc1\pard\nowidctlpar\cf7\lang1033\f1\fs24 This is a personal
>> note.\f1 \cf7\par }
> Here's how I worked around that:
> use notepad and open the file personal.conf (mine was in [sword
> folder]\mods.d); next, place a semi-colon in front of (or delete) the line
> reading "SourceType=ThML" -- that fixed it for me.  When some future
> iteration of WinSword (or BibleCS or whatever you want to call it) works
> through the problem, I can remove the semi-colon and take advantage of any
> benefit that line provides.
> -Chris
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