[sword-devel] Hebrew Dictionary

DavidTroidl at aol.com DavidTroidl at aol.com
Tue Oct 31 06:20:29 MST 2006

I am working on the Strong's Hebrew Dictionary data from the SWORD  module.  
I've converted it to an OSIS file, to work with as I translate, so  I can 
update and correct the data.  The OSIS I'm using right now is kind of  misusing 
some of the elements (and I have a few ideas to improve that) but I'm  waiting 
for the next release, and the promised dictionary format.  I'm  sending along a 
PDF sample of the words from Gen 1:1-2.  The order is  slightly different 
from Strong's, but it's the best I could do at my current  level of XSLT.
The entries, as they stand, are set up:
1. Strong number
2. Hebrew  word: this is one of the main things I want to add.  They don't 
seem to be  readily available, in the public domain on the internet.
3. Transliteration:  I have two versions, separated by a pipe: the SBL 
standard | the original from  the file.  One of my questions is, which one would be 
best in an updated  module, once I finish the work?
4. Pronunciation
5. Part of speech:  another addition.  Would it be good to include?
6. Source
7.  Variants: Some words have several variant spellings.  Generally the 
format  is: text, Hebrew, transliteration, pronunciation, [text].
8. Definition and  KJV usage
9. My usage: just a personal record of how I'm using the word in  
translation.  This won't be in the final module.
10. Root: comparing  with Brown, Driver, Briggs and the Theological Wordbook 
of the Old Testament:  again, should this be included?
The work may take some time to complete, but any suggestions about content  
and format of the final data file would be appreciated.  



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