[sword-devel] module making: note content, to display other than "*n"?

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 26 08:53:20 MST 2006

    In OSIS the n attribute is often used to represent the marker to be 
shown. (Some other elements use the marker attribute.) In the ESV Matt 
1.1 has the following:
<note n="a" osisID="Matt.1.1!crossReference.a" osisRef="Matt.1.1" 
type="crossReference">[<reference osisRef="Luke.3.23-Luke.3.38">Luke 

I don't know which sword apps display it instead of generating it's own 

Also, it is valid to just have <reference 
osisRef="Luke.3.23-Luke.3.38">23-38</reference> without the surrounding 
note. This should produce an inline reference with the text between the 
tag being shown, perhaps hyperlinked.

I think that, especially in the case of a commentary, it should be 
always shown and the hyperlinking ability be what's toggled. If it is 
embedded in a <note> then it is shown when the note is shown.

In His Service,

Karl Kleinpaste wrote:
> ThML <scripRef> content can include a "passage" qualifier, in order
> that the text be seen inline:
> <scripRef passage="Is 5:9">Is 5:9</scripRef>
> Often used in commentaries.
> Is there a similar qualifier for <note>, to cause content to be shown
> inline?  I've got a situation in a text module I build where I'd like
> very small amounts of note text -- mostly just a number -- to show up
> inline instead of "*n" (in GS; or "*nX.Y" in WinSword), whenever
> footnotes are enabled.

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