[sword-devel] introduction & more dutch bible translations?

Johan van der Lingen johanlingen at gmail.com
Thu Oct 19 12:30:37 MST 2006

Hello brothers in faith!

Let me shortly introduce myself:
my name is Johan van der Lingen and I am a student in the Netherlands. I just 
turned 24. Though I was baptised as a child, I came to real faith only about 
one and a half year ago. I am very happy to know Jesus and all that he has 
done to me. Also I know that I want to know Him more! And of course, other 
people should know Him as well!
This project can contribute to that, by providing translations for other 
applications (like Bibletime or BibleMemorizer (www.memoryverses.org)). 
Therefore I would at least like to try to contribute.

Maybe this is a good start: I was shocked to see only the 
dutch 'Statenvertaling' (state translation) available in Sword. Although it 
is a very accurate translation, it uses old words, which will cause most 
young people to give up after two or three lines. Therefore I would like to 
ask you the following:

- has anyone ever attempted to get other dutch bible translations?
- what is legally necessary to make a translation usable in Sword (do you i.e. 
need a contract) ?
- what does it (technically) take to turn this into a format that is usable in 
the Sword project?

I could call dutch organizations to ask them whether the Sword project may use 
their translations and maybe make a start to put them into the right format.

Please let me know!

I wish you all the best that God sends down from heaven,


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