[sword-devel] ICU build fix

Scott and Roxanne Munns srmunns at charter.net
Sat Oct 7 19:43:26 MST 2006

For me and at least one other user (Steven P. Ulrick, according to the
archives), builds failed if *ICU and tests* were enabled.  We got the same
compiler error messages (this is just a sample - it repeated many times):
>> tlitmgrtest.o: In function `checkTrans(icu_3_4::UnicodeString const&,

>> UErrorCode&)':

>> tlitmgrtest.cpp:(.text+0xbd): undefined reference to 

>> `icu_3_4::operator<<(std::basic_ostream<char, std::char_traits<char> 

>> >&, icu_3_4::UnicodeString const&)'

As I ran "usrinst.sh" and observed the status messages as "configure" ran, I
saw a problem which I narrowed down to the following line in configure.ac:

ICU_IOLIBS=`if test $(echo "$ICU_VER >= 3.0"|bc) -eq 1; then $ICU_CONFIG
--ldflags-icuio; else $ICU_CONFIG --ldflags-ustdio; fi;`
failed because my $ICU_VER (3.4.1) was not parsed as a decimal number by
"bc", and icu-config was called with the --ldflags-ustdio option
(non-existent option for icu-config anymore) instead of the --ldflags-icuio
option as it should have been.  Thus, ICU_IOLIBS was not set correctly.

For me, the patch I sent out solved the *configuration* problem by correctly
setting ICU_IOLIBS, and this also seemed to fix my compile problem.  I
suppose there is a chance that it was actually something else that solved
the compile problem, but there is no question that there was a failure to
properly identify the version number due to the two decimal points in the
version identifier "3.4.1".

I hope the additional detail helps,


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