[sword-devel] SBL/ETS update / J2ME / Mac

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Sun Nov 19 16:51:34 MST 2006

ETS/SBL has been very fruitful.  We've had tons of interest in our work 
in development and our work as a whole, in general.  A few things to 
report and request for help!

Kirk Lowery from Wesminster had send a signed agreement to allow us to 
distribute the Hebrew Morphology Database freely for the book of 
Genesis.  Westminster Hebrew Institute is going through some exciting 
changes and their wonderful work may start to be more freely usable by 
us and others.  They have sent their data to me in a new XML markup 
which is being considered for inclusion into the OSIS specification.  I 
will post the data when I get back.

A book publisher here is very interesting in using our Java flashcards 
program for inclusion in a Hebrew grammar.  They REALLY want it to run 
on the ipod, pda's, and phones.  I have no idea how well J2ME supports 
Hebrew (or Greek) or even if there is a J2ME RT available for these 
devices, and even how to change the user interface to work on them. 
Anyone excited about this?  Please take over!

Many individuals and organizations have been impressed with our papyri 
stuff.  I'm hoping to get it used by respected secular institutions.

Macintosh Lexicon Support--  The Hesychius lexicon has been imported as 
a sword module into GBS format using, e.g. /A/AD/Adam as the tree 
structure for entries.  Dr. Bruce Winter from Tyndale House Research 
Library is presenting this coming Friday and would like to use this data 
standalone on his Mac.  I have no idea how well GBS is supported on the 
Mac, or how easy the interface is for him to use.  Anyone who can help 
with this would really take some pressure off of me!

More when I get back, but I have a flight to catch soon.  I appreciate 
your prayers for safety and your sharing together with me in service!


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