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L.Allan-pbio paraclete at bibleinverse.org
Fri Nov 17 14:48:26 MST 2006

Some time back, I wrote some very simple "training wheels" console apps that might be helpful. They show how to get a resource open, and get verses from the resource. If those would be helpful, I can try to track them down and make them available.

Are you able to build swordlib?

My experience was that it helped to be able to step thru swordlib calls with a debugger.

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  Hey, I am also a new Sword Developer try to port sword to a mobile GTK/Linux platform.   I am also looking for a quick 3 month time frame and am also having trouble with getting started with the Sword APIs.   Maybe it's time to start expanding the documentation.  Maybe set up a wiki so that us new guys can share hints that got us started. 

  Keith Preston

  On 11/17/06, Richard Parsons <richard.parsons at gmail.com> wrote:
    Hey guys, I'm still trying to learn the SwordAPI but I'm having some
    difficultly considering there is almost no formal documentation.  I
    would really like to release a .NET application within the next 3
    months but I need some help with learning the API.  Jason has been 
    very very helpful but he's a busy guy.  I'm looking to move forward
    quicker than I currently am so I'm asking for help from anyone who
    knows the API and has some time to answer questions.  Should I post
    questions straight to the mailing list or would everyone prefer I send 
    emails directly to those who are willing to help me?

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