[sword-devel] Links in OSIS GenBooks

Daniel Hilton dunghopper at gmail.com
Tue Nov 14 19:50:47 MST 2006

DM Smith wrote:
> It works for the most part in Bibles because they are mostly used for
> cross references and it works in commentaries because they are mostly
> referring to bibles.
> The difficulty is more a question of how to move forward.

I'll agree with you that it works *mostly*, and that the difficutly moving
forward is to make it work *always.*

While an original OSIS document may refer to a particular version of the
> Bible, I think that Sword will continue to allow the user to pick the Bible
> they want to use. For example, a commentary may be based on the RSV, which
> is not available as a Sword module, but the user, being German, may want to
> read the verses in German from their favorite German Sword module.

I also agree with you here, that in most cases bible references should be
linked to the user's preferred bible module.  My specific concern is for the
rare instances of non-biblical modules referencing each other, or bibles
referencing non-biblical modules.

BTW, DM also wrote in a previous message "If I am not mistaken, Sword
currently assumes that all osisRefs are to a
bible of the user's choice."
I'm pretty new to Sword, and I'm having a difficult time finding the
line-of-demarcation between Sword and the various frontends.  In analyzing
BibleTime's source code, it seemed that BibleTime was handling almost
everything to do with cross-references, and that BibleTime was making
assumptions... but I can't see where or how Sword could make an assumption
about an osisRef.

Any clarification?

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