[sword-devel] Links in OSIS GenBooks

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 14 14:32:56 MST 2006

Daniel Hilton wrote:
> In reality, the prefix of an osisRef must match the osisWork attribute 
> of a <work> element declared in the <header> (which would not 
> necessarily coincide with the module name).  Unfortunately, when an 
> osis document is converted into a GenBook module, all of the osis 
> header information is lost.  Without that information, frontends are 
> left with no other choice but to make an educated guess (and 
> frequently be wrong).
It is true that when a prefix is present, it needs to be declared in 
header of the OSIS document. But when a prefix is absent, there are two 
different mechanisms for determining the document to which the osisRef 
refers. It is possible to map particular elements via the 
workPrefixDefault header element to a work. Lacking that an osisRef 
refers to the same work.

If I am not mistaken, Sword currently assumes that all osisRefs are to a 
bible of the user's choice.

In discussing how to re-write the Strong's Greek and Hebrew dictionaries 
which contain references to other entries in the same work and also to 
verses, we came up with that "Bible" would be a prefix for all biblical 
references in a commentary or dictionary.

This was before the discussion on Alternate Versifications. For that we 
would need a way to additionally specify the versification scheme. 
Maybe, Bible.MT where MT is an example of reference system in OSIS 2.1.1.

Personally, I'd rather that we have the header for an OSIS work so that 
we can use it's metadata rather than creating new mappings in the 
current conf.

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