[sword-devel] Ruby GEM and Rails plugin for the Sword API

lumin8 lumi.n8 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 10 14:02:10 MST 2006


Thanks for all the info.  I spent a good number of hours trying to get Corba
working with ruby yesterday.  Unfortunately the only Ruby Corba compiler
(Rinn) was abandoned 5 years ago and the documentation is in Japanese - it
wont even run its own tests.  I'm no expert but the idea I get is that
people have a lot easier time using C programs with Ruby than they do with
Java - which is why not many have bothered with Corba.. maybe.. but thats a

Anyway, our options I think are Swig or directly accessing the flatapi.  Any
ideas about this?  Sounds like Bill is making progress with the flatapi.
What would we be missing if we went this route?

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