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Greg Hellings greg.hellings at gmail.com
Thu Nov 9 09:51:08 MST 2006

With a Bible in OSIS and the cross-references in XML it should not be
difficult to write an XSL that would make the transformation quite


On 11/9/06, Kahunapule Michael Johnson <kahunapule at mpj.cx> wrote:
>  Peter von Kaehne wrote:
>  I read this with interest. Can these utilities insert the crossreferences
> into USFM? Or do they merge at a different level?
>  WordSend inserts and translates crossreferences on the fly while converting
> from USFM to Microsoft Word XML for publication. It is intended for use with
> many different languages, reusing the same crossreference list each time.
> The crossreferences aren't merged into the Scripture USFM, although that
> could certainly be done. I prefer to keep the files separate so that it is
> easy to repurpose the same Bible text for use with different editions (i. e.
> study Bibles with lots of crossreferences, normal editions with more limited
> crossreferences, and pocket testaments with no crossreferences, for
> example).
>  Michael
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