[sword-devel] modules to relational database

Gabriel M. Beddingfield gabriel at teuton.org
Tue Nov 7 21:46:40 MST 2006

Martin Gruner wrote:
> You've got a good point right there. This would actually be most preferrable. 
> I don't know of a good solution for fast access in that case. You don't want 
> to read the entire document into memory, and you don't want to parse it every 
> time. Ideas?

Ah, I think I'm catching a glimpse of what you're getting at.

I believe that the Berkeley XML database supports this sort of indexing 
and retrieval of the data.  I haven't delved into it too much because 
it's an embedded database... and at the time I was looking for a 
database server.

Turning to RDMS for XML storage... I guess it depends on the goal. 
Would you want round-tripping?  Or would you use the RDMS as an indexed 
storage mechanism for fast access to fragments of data in the original 
XML document?  Or, if you want round-tripping, suppose you set up a 
DOM-like hierarchy in a table.  How does that help you?

(Sorry, I'm thinking out loud... and it's late.)

I guess what I'm wondering is -- what sort of schema did you have in 
mind, Martin?


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