[sword-devel] modules to relational database

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 7 19:56:40 MST 2006


My 2 cents on the entire thread.
There are several fundamental parts of a database application:

1) Indexed lookup: Given a key, return some data. Nothing will beat  
the simplicity of Sword's api.

2) Metadata and text search: Given a search criteria, find all data  
that satisfies the query. Given that the vocabulary of the data is  
fairly well defined, the optimized search engines of Sword cannot be  
beat. And the API is very simple.

3) Preparing the result set for viewing. This may require a specific  
target such as rtf or html and may be filtered to show or hide  
metadata or extra data and may be stylized by user preference. The  
Sword engine provides all of this with a simple API.

Dozens of engineers have contributed to Sword over the years. And  
likely will continue to do so. Including new ones like yourself. What  
this means if you use Sword is that with every release you get the  
improvements for free. It frees you to focus on user oriented  
features as you get to use a stable, but growing, capable API.

In Him,

On Nov 6, 2006, at 4:36 PM, lumin8 wrote:

> I am interested transferring a couple of the Sword bible and lexicon
> modules into a relational database (mysql most likely) for my own
> indexing purposes.
> Is there already a tool available that can move the data over?  If
> not, what would be the best way of accomplishing this?
> Thanks so much,
> nathan
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