[sword-devel] .NET Bible software tool?

Richard Parsons richard.parsons at gmail.com
Mon Nov 6 13:45:21 MST 2006

Hey everyone, is anyone out there doing a .NET bible study tool?  I
have been looking around to try and figure out how to create one and
stumbled across the Sword Project and figured this was probably the
place I should start.  If no one has anything started I will start one
up that will be open source that can go along side the current windows
sword project or replace it (if I do my job right).  I downloaded the
Sword Project API and saw that there is a .NET wrapper but no
documents for how to use it or compile it that I can find so if anyone
has any pointers on that I would also appreciate the info.

Thanks for the help and information,
Richard Parsons
Richard.Parsons at gmail.com

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