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Leandro Guimarães Faria Corcete DUTRA leandro at dutra.fastmail.fm
Wed May 31 06:42:07 MST 2006

	Thank you so very much for stepping in, Chris.

Chris Little escreveu:
> I will try to check the pedigree of the "PorAA" module by checking the 
> three public domain print "Almeida" texts at my library. I've requested 
> that they be pulled from storage, but since I will be out of town for a 
> few days, I won't be able to pick them up or do the necessary 
> comparisons until next week.

	All right, thank you.

> I have compared the text we have, the "Almeida Atualizada", with the 
> other electronic Almeida texts I know of:
> the Corrigada Fiel (Copyright SBB 1995)
> the 1994 revision of the Trinitarian Bible Society
> the Revista e Atualizada (Copyright SBB 1997)
> and the Revista e Corrigida (Copyright SBB 1997)
> It is my understaning that Leandro Dutra considers our PorAA to be 
> derived from the Revista e Atualizada text above. If that is not the 
> case, then I do not understand which text it is assumed that the PorAA 
> is a derivative of.

	Sorry for not making it clear (even clearer?), but it is not so.  PorAA 
is misnamed, besides for being homonym with SBP’s text, because it has 
little to do with Revista e Atualizada.

	PorAA is actually identical (save for omissions and garbled text) with 
‘Versão Revisada da tradução de João Ferreira
de ALMEIDA de Acordo com os Melhores Textos em Hebraico e Grego’,
®(1967) 1974 Imprensa Bíblica Brasileira (IBB), an imprint of ‘Junta de 
Educação Religiosa e Publicações’ (JUERP) of ‘Convenção Batista 
Brasileira’ (CBB), Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brasil.

	Versão Revisada (VR or Revisada for short) is actually an extensive 
revision of an older version of Revista e Corrigida.  The one you have 
is actually a second edition by SBB, while Revisada was based on an 
older version by IBB, but more recent than the 1911 public domain 
version someone else mentioned.  You will notice Revisada will be nearer 
any of the Corrigidas than the Atualizada.

	My module was diligently compared to my hard copy of the Revisada, 
please take that as a basis or procure yourself a copy of it.  It can be 
procured from them, http://www.juerp.org.br/, as ‘Bíblia Soft em CDRom’. 
  One would have to write or call as only the hard copies are in the 
online form.

> The text we are distributing bears resemblances to all of the above 
> texts, but is clearly not simply a corrupted copy of any of them. It is 
> certainly not derived from the Revista e Atualizada text cited above.

	Exact, and no one ever claimed it was.

> If our text closely matches one of the print editions I will examine,

	You will have to examine Revisada, or it won’t be a valid examination.

> then we will know that it is a public domain text and I will post the 
> corrected text that Jónatas Ferreira sent me. If it does not match any 
> of them, then it will remain unclear what the ultimate source of our 
> text is. However, it has been and presently continues to be my belief 
> that this translation is what it claims to be, given our source and the 
> other sites that offer this text as public domain.

	If you refer to UnBounded, they were already informed of the 
infringement and never answered.  I will insist with them if you like.

	In any case, I think it was Jônatas who has access to a real ‘Almeida 
Atualizada’, and attested that PorAA it is not that text at all, and in 
any case Atualizada is under SBP’s copy right.

	It will match Revisada.  It matches my hard copy of it.

> If you have information as to the print source of our text, please feel 
> free to send it my way. Website addresses with some sample text of 
> copyrighted translations (not called Almeida Atualizada) would be the 
> best way of proving to me that our text is under copyright. A title and 
> date (or other identifying information, such as ISBNs or US LOC call 
> numbers) would be acceptable, assuming I can track down a copy.

	Website, http://www.juerp.org.br/.  They don’t have an online copy, but 
last time I checked there were several floating around under various 
names and states, due to reckless licensing in the early 1990s.  There 
are several ISBNs, such as 85-86096-37-7 (‘em cores’), 85-88234-59-9, 
85-89320-20-0, 85-89320-19-7 (by Hagnos).  For example, take a look at 
http://www.hagnos.com.br/downloads/catalogo2k6.pdf, they are printing 
IBB’s Bibles nowadays.  You will even notice Revisada is the basis for a 
new, ongoing work called ‘Almeida Século XXI’.

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