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Leandro Guimarães Faria Corcete DUTRA leandro at dutra.fastmail.fm
Wed May 31 06:16:08 MST 2006

Jónatas Ferreira escreveu:
> Em 2006/05/30, às 15:36, Leandro Guimarães Faria Corcete DUTRA escreveu:
>>     According to Sociedade Bíblica Brasileira, the Versão Brasileira 
>> was first published 1917.  I will check Brazilian copy rights law, but 
>> I guess this would be OK.
> What version is this? Is it BRP?

	I don’t know what BRP is, but I guess no.

	Tradução (or Versão) Brasileira (I just found out TB is actually a more 
common name for it) was made by a Brazilian commission under mr William 
Cabell Brown, an episcopal missionary to Brazil who went back later to 
the US to become bishop at Virginia.  The commission included well-known 
names such as Ruy Barbosa.  Current Brazilian legislation I found about 
follows European, not US guidelines:

	The authors’ inheritors retain their author rights until 70 years after 
the author death.  I found nothing about corporate sponsorship, where 
this rule would make no sense; but patrimonial rights in collective 
works belong not to the authors, but to the coordinators, and in the 
case of TB mr Brown seems to have died 1927, which would clear us.

	My doubt now is how to get the text at all.  In last case I could 
sacrifice my copy to scanning, but (see message yesterday) I remembered 
SBB does indeed have already an eletronic copy.  I am checking with them 
already its status, if they would give me a simple copy, or if they 
still claim copy rights on it.  If it is in the public domain but they 
won’t give me a copy, one could buy their ‘Bíblia Online’ CD, which 
starts at around R$40,00, but which is useless for me for now as it is 
MS Windows only; also, I don’t know how hard it would be to export text 
from it.

	So, if someone already has SBB’s Bíblia Online, please check if it 
states something about copy rights, and if it allows for text export. 
It will take me some time to get SBB’s answer, get access to a MS 
Windows system *and* fork R$40,00.

	As to comparing it to Almeida, it is considered a higher-quality text, 
useful for reference.  Its going out of press was a circumstance of the 
times, where people who could read at all were more confortable with a 
now-archaic language.  It does need an orthography update, but this 
could be done as a further revision once we have a module created.

> I already have a module with that 
> version built. It's stable and working. But the version I have has a 
> copyright... maybe it's just for the digitalization... I can check it 
> out. I'm still contacting SBP to know more about Almeida's versions.

	You probably will want SBB too for Brazilian versions.  For example, 
some people seem to be under the impression that PorAA is actually about 
Revista e Atualizada, which is SBB’s.  Also TB was theirs.

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