[sword-devel] Re: Offer help (portuguese module?)

Sergio Queiroz srmq at srmq.org
Wed May 31 00:56:33 MST 2006

Le mardi 30 mai 2006 à 12:53 -0400, DM Smith a écrit :
> The other way that it might be removed is that if the Portuguese 
> speaking people here would agree that it should not be available based 
> on quality issues.

Hello DM Smith,

As part of the Portuguese speaking people around here, my opinion is
that the claims about the bad quality of the text in PorAA are well
exaggerated, most problems are just small encoding errors that are
obvious for any Portuguese speaking person reading it and do not
compromise the message. I use it frequently, and it is much better than
having no Portuguese module at all. 


P.S.: I have not yet had the time to search my archives for the script I
used to fix some encoding errors in my copy of PorAA, I will gladly send
you them when I have then handy.  

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