[sword-devel] Re: Re: New PorAA module for Sword

Jónatas Ferreira jonatas at gmail.com
Mon May 29 20:19:39 MST 2006

Em 2006/05/30, às 01:20, Leandro Guimarães Faria Corcete DUTRA escreveu:

>      	All I can do now is offer Versão Brasileira as a replacement,
> but that would be a multi-year project.

I have a copy of Revista e Corrigida (ARC), which is Public Domain  
now. I'll build it and make it available. I have done it already, but  
with a copyrighted edition, so I'll need to do it again with a Public  
Domain source. I also have several others already built in a module  
(ARA, ACF and BRP). I know that ARC is not copyrighted now and, as  
for the other, I'll seek permition for distribution.

I'm also seeking permition for "O Livro" (Living Bible) and "Boa  
Nova", tradução interconfessional, but I'm not very confident they  
will give us permition.


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