[sword-devel] howto: mod2osis

Greg Hellings greg.hellings at gmail.com
Mon May 29 09:56:51 MST 2006

This does present an interesting question:

Ought mod2osis support all types of modules?  If the attempt is to
move all modules into being used in OSIS format as originals, then why
not extend the functionality of mod2osis so that it properly works for
all types of modules?


On 5/29/06, Jónatas Ferreira <jonatas at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Sorry. I didn't think about using Bundles for modules on the Mac. ;)
> > Thought you have installed the modules the "normal" way.
> Is there another way to install it on the Mac? I didn't know about
> that. How is it?
> > Joachim is right, you have to go into every Bundle directory.
> > "mods.d" and "modules" folders should be in the current directory
> > when you use mod2osis.
> Yes, I already tried that. And now I also know that I can't use
> mod2osis in this kind of modules, it is only useful for bibles or
> commentaries.
> Thank you,
> Jónatas
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