[sword-devel] Re: Re: Re: Offer help (portuguese module?)

Jónatas Ferreira jonatas at gmail.com
Mon May 29 05:21:34 MST 2006

> Problem is, most Portuguese speakers nowadays are from Brazil, so an
> European Portuguese version will be quite confusing if not unreadable.

This is not true, beside people from Portugal, you have people from  
Mozambique, Angola, Guiné-Bissau, Cape Green Islands, etc. You  
Brazilians are not the top of the world! EUropean portuguese is the  
same as for all the other nations — except for brazilians — and you  
should check out some portuguese versions so you could talk with a  
bit more knowledge about european portuguese. It's practically the  
same! you just change facto > fato and things like that. The *new*  
words that are different, generally you don't use them in a Bible  
translation. If I can understand brazilian portuguese, than you can  
understand european portuguese.

Check out ciberduvidas.sapo.pt. This is a site where they try to  
answer language doubts in every portuguese variation. They started to  
host the website on an international server. Now that the initial  
money has run out, one portuguese main portal decided to host it (the  
original URL was www.ciberduvidas.com).
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