[sword-devel] Maybe OT, but perhaps relevant

Paul Gear sword at gear.dyndns.org
Sat May 27 02:02:06 MST 2006

Jónatas Ferreira wrote:
> ...
> That being said, I think that company may be crossing the line anyway 
> because some of the modules used for sword have special licenses due  to
> the authorization given by copyright holder that restricts the use  of
> those libraries to the sword project and forbids anyone from  charging
> for those libraries. If they are doing so, then crosswire  should
> contact them and ask them to remove such libraries from their  CDs. If
> some of the companies that are allowing the use of their work  comes to
> the knowledge of this practice, they may require the removal  of the
> libraries from crosswire too. And this would be a huge problem.

That's a good point.  There may be more than just (L)GPLed software on
the disc, and they have to comply with the license of everything, not
just the software.

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