[sword-devel] NA27 + punctuation + accent + strong + morph in osis format

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Sat May 27 01:48:29 MST 2006

	We'd love to have a NA/UBS GNT available, but the history is that we 
had a module with diacritics available for SWORD about 10 years ago.  It 
was built with the CCAT text, and the German Bible Society asked us to 
remove the module.  I know some things/staff have change at the German 
Bible Society since that time and maybe they would be willing to allow 
us to distribute a module again.  We should talk about contacting them 
regarding this.

	Also, basically the WHNU module is practically the same thing.  This 
module is the Wescott-Hort text with NA/UBS variants included.  Most of 
our software allows you to show the variants, so you have the scholarly 
Greek text you need for study.

	Have you seen our LXXM module work?  It is not complete, and we've not 
yet been granted permission to distribute the text, but it works pretty 
cool.  Try clicking on a word.  It goes out to Perseus to do a lexical 
lookup in Lidell-Scott:


Thank you for your work.  Looking forward to serving together with you.


Mark Zealey wrote:
> OK The version I have made is missing strong tags for about 700 words i think 
> (I can get my program to print a list). Is there any way to upload this to 
> the crosswire website because I don't really have any hosting for it 
> available.
> M
> On Friday 26 May 2006 7:36 pm, Matt Reimer wrote:
>> On 5/26/06, Mark Zealey <mspam at zealey.org> wrote:
>>> Hi there,
>>> I've recently produced an accented and punctuated na27 module (free for
>>> scholarly use) and written a short perl script to import (most) of the
>>> morph/strong data from the whnu module. Is anyone interested in this?
>>> Where should I upload it to?
>> Mark,
>> I'm very much interested in such a module, and eager to test it.
>> Matt
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