[sword-devel] New PorAA module for Sword

Jónatas Ferreira jonatas at gmail.com
Wed May 24 13:58:17 MST 2006


I posted this message some days ago and I got no answer, so I'll try  
to post it again:

Me, with the help from Manfred, were able to correct some encoding  
mistakes in the PorAA module, as-well as some misspellings I found.  
As this encoding problem had been driving me crazy because I was  
unable to search the version, display parallel bibles, and MacSword  
was always crashing, I believe that it would be good to post it as a  
new v1.1 of the module in the crosswire website. Is it possible?

I scan provide the module I generated, as well as the corrected osis  
file. If needed I can also provide a complete list of the corrections  
I made to de module.

There are still some corrections that should be made: missing verses  
like Luk. 9:61. The text displayed in the original module is from the  
verse 62. I put the text in the correct verse (acording to the greek  
new testament I have), but as I can't find the original public domain  
source of the text, I cannot provide the text for verse 61. If  
crosswire isn't trying to post another portuguese module soon with  
the corrections, I could translate from the original myself and  
provide that as a new module version, that would include my corrections.

Tell me what you think about it.


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