[sword-devel] Create a module. Where is xml2gbs

L.Allan-pbio paraclete at bibleinverse.org
Fri May 12 06:29:02 MST 2006

Perhaps upload the file and provide a link to the file in the list 
(if you have a place to upload that is public)

I do this often with lcdbible related files. (example:)

Jónatas Ferreira wrote:
> Hi Joachim, Hi Manfred,
> Thank you, Manfred, for the explanation, you did it much better than
> I did. Unfortunetly, my message has not yet reached the list because
> I was sending a file (Joachim asked for it) and the system is 
> keeping
> the message from being posted because it has too many KBs... I 
> posted
> it (I think) 2 days ago, and its still being held from going to the
> list.
> So, what should I do? Shall I cancel the original message and send 
> it
> to Joachim directly or should I simply wait?

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