[sword-devel] Does sword-api require #define USELUCENE

L.Allan-pbio paraclete at bibleinverse.org
Sat May 6 09:45:10 MST 2006

Sword-api SVN 1911 head seems to insist that
be declared. Otherwise, rawtext.cpp line 288 (and many other lines) 
won't compile because the variable listkey is not declared:

ListKey &RawText::search(const char *istr,
      int searchType, int flags,
      SWKey *scope, bool *justCheckIfSupported,
      void (*percent)(char, void *), void *percentUserData)
   .... more code .... compiler complains about listkey not declared

Using Microsoft  vc 6 vc7.1 with WinXp Sp2
Should this #define be in the vc6 and vc7.1 project files? Is it 
already in the linux make files?

If the sword-api requires USELUCENE such that not using LUCENE is no 
longer supported, then perhaps remove the "dead code"?

Would this mean the sword-api is expecting that the Lucene indices 
have been built? My understanding is that there are some reasonably 
common searches that Lucene won't find that "brute force non-indexed" 
will find (such as search for "generation" will also find 
"regeneration" and "generations").

I did a "hold-your-nose work-around" by just putting #define USELUCENE 
at the top of rawtext.cpp.

http://www.crosswire.org/bugs/browse/API-72 (minor?)
SVN 1911 requires USELUCENE be defined; otherwise rawtext.cpp won't 

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