[sword-devel] ESV Bug: cross reference problem

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Sat May 6 05:13:59 MST 2006

Deut 22.22 has two cross references. The first one works, the second  
one does not.

I've spent some time studying the verse content and also some other  
verses containing <note type="crossReference">...</note>

It appears that the assumption is that crossReference (xref, for  
short) notes only contain a list of <reference> elements. The web  
tool takes each of these, gets the verse and presents it in a popup  
div. All other text in the note is ignored.

However, this assumption is not valid. In the case of ESV, most xref  
notes are surrounded by [ ... ] and contain a semi-colon separated  
list of references. However some also contain additional text and  
some contain only text.

In the case of the second note, it contains only text and no  
<reference> elements.

There is another problem with the encoding of some xref notes, e.g.  
Deut 22.5. A good number of them end with ]0x19. That is a closing  
bracket followed by Unicode 0x19. This character is stripped out by  
this front end. Not sure how other front-ends handle it.

I found a problem with the web tool using safari. It may just be my  
newness to the Mac. I cannot figure out how to dismiss an xref popup  

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