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Fri May 5 16:54:09 MST 2006

	Request for clarification is always a good thing.

> Is the test to be whether the contents of the ESV are correct? Are we 
> looking for typos, mispellllinggss, unsync'ed notes, verses out of 
> order, etc.?

You are testing for fine thing.  Both footnote and duplicate header 
types of things are exactly correct, but see below:

> Does the duplicated headers not qualify and should not be reported, for 
> example? (COM-9)

Did you try to see if they are duplicated on swordweb?


If not, please try.  If the verse on which you see an error in BibleCS 
displays fine at the link above, then please do not report the problem.

> How about the erratic "hover" notes? (MOD-36)

same as above.  If a note doesn't work in BibleCS, try to find that 
exact same note at the link above.  If it works at the link above, then 
please do not report the bug.

> Also, not meaning to be uncooperative, but I don't think I can close or 
> cleanup any bugs ... that is "above my pay grade". (If it would help, 
> you can temporarily grant privilege for me to do the cleanup, but this 
> bug-reporter pre-newbie is not advocating that.)

If you have reported a bug which fails the aformentioned algorithm 
above, please close your own bug.  You should have permission to close 
your own bug (I would think, but I could be wrong).

> Is there an ETA on a sword.exe release candidate with the latest SVN 
> (1911 head)?

No.  If I give a date, I will miss it.  Though, I finished my last paper 
for this semester last night (early this morning), so it's looking good 
that it will be soon.

> I have encountered a problem with a pending release of LcdBible that 
> uses the 1911 head (noted in an earlier email). Should that be reported?

I'm sorry, I don't remember your email.  Did you have a response from 
anyone?  If not, please ask again.  As I try to compile BibleCS on 
Windows soon, I might run into your issue, so it may be moot.

> Thanks for all you have done to help with making the ESV available. To 
> me, you epitomize the concept of servant-leadership.

Thanks for your persistence-- never giving up. :)


> Troy A. Griffitts wrote:
>> To repeat:  First test at the following link any problems you might
>> consider reporting:
>> http://crosswire.org/study/passagestudy.jsp?mod=ESV
>> To repeat:  No binary currently posted anywhere on CrossWire for
>> BibleCS is built against latest SVN and thus is not guaranteed to
>> work.  Please do not report ESV related bugs found in BibleCS unless
>> it also appears at the link above.
>> Please cleanup and close any bugs you've already reported which fall
>> into these categories.
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