[sword-devel] ESV bug [for duplicated headers]

L.Allan-pbio paraclete at bibleinverse.org
Fri May 5 10:46:25 MST 2006

Also using WinXp Pro SP2, but BibleCS sword.exe 1.5.8 rc1

I'm seeing a large number of duplicated headings, mostly at the start 
of chapters. There is a menu item Options + Headings that controls 

Every Psalm I looked at shows duplicated headings. Also the start of 
chapters, like Mark 1. The paragraph headers seem ok, such as before 
Mark 1:9.

I can make a report to the bugs system if it hasn't already been done. 
(but not clear if it should be related to Modules or BibleCS or the 

I wonder if this only applies to the ESV? The WEB has quite a few 
headings, but it seems ok. How is the NET translation?


Jason Brooks wrote:
> On Win XP Pro, SP2, biblecs 1.5.6, I get this for Psalm 1:
> No duplications.

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