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Greg Hellings greg.hellings at gmail.com
Wed May 3 12:10:50 MST 2006

Hi Barry...

On 5/3/06, Barry Drake <b.drake at ntlworld.com> wrote:
> Hi Greg ...........
> Greg Hellings wrote:
> > The executable integrates with a currently installed SWORD Project
> > under either Linux or Windows with only the definition of the
> > SWORD_PATH environment variable.  It would, though, be nice if
> > post-sword1.5.7a would compile under Cygwin/MinGW on Windows.
> I've tried the Windows binary you put up on Sourceforge and I think it's
> going to have REAL potential.  I wish I could promise to build a mingw
> binary  - I want to, but it may be a while ....  I need to get a new
> download of the library first and build that - is it meant to build with the
> current SVN?  When you said you wish 1.5.7a and beyond would compile - are
> you saying that this version of WXSword links with an earlier library?  I
> have compiled later SVN downloads under mingw, but had to alter the makefile
> to omit the ftp stuff (curl) as mingw doesn't have that easily
> available.  It compiled OK last time I tried (June 2005 - 1.5.8)
> ....  maybe I can link with the 1.5.8 library I already have ....

Currently it is linked to  the sword-1.5.7a library.  I figured that sword
could be built without the ftp/curl stuff, but I didn't feel like mucking
around in the Makefile when I got around to building the sword library.  It
took so long to try and get the two other libraries working (wxWidgets and
wxMozilla) that in the end, I just wanted to builld sword and have wxSword
compile against whatever was the latest version that worked.  I know that
1.5.7a works and 1.5.8 doesn't (out of the box).  It seems like a good
option to add to the configure script, I think.  For 1.5.7a I had to pass in
"--without-curl" for it compile.  But that doesn't do the trick for 1.5.8.
Maybe there could even be something as straightforward as
"--disable-installmgr" or something like that?

Troy ...  could you think about a conditional 'omit' in the library config
> files for the stuff mingw can't handle?  There is curl, and also I seem to
> remember something else - was it the ICU stuff - it's several months back
> and I forget.  If I get around to building the latest SVN, I'll make a few
> notes and post them.

Notes on that would be most helpful and useful.  Things are so close to
working under Cygwin that I think a little tweaking would get them going,
but in the mean-time allowing the library to build without it would be nice

I assume that you intend eventually to give support for footnotes etc. in
> due course?  (and all the other things that are available).  What I most
> like about it is the way that each window that opens is fully floating on
> the desktop so I can make the overall arrangement whatever suits the work
> I'm doing.  This is the kind of thing Troy had in mind when he wrote the
> Sword2 prototype.  Please feel encouraged!  I'll put in what time I have as
> soon as I'm able.  Thanks for all your hard work.

Yes, I definitely do plan to do most, maybe all, of what the sword library
supports, as time allows.  I have a few landmarks setup for myself for
releases 0.2 through 0.4.  Some of them include simpler things (like
supplying a means of utilizing the various types of search that sword has)
and others are a bit more ambitious for me, since I don't know the
technology (like adding support for autotools so that it becomes much
simpler to build from source for other people and isn't designed around my
own machine specifically).  By the time I reach 0.4 I hope that I will have
all of the basic support for most of the sword functionality in the program
in at least some capacity.

Thanks for the encouragement and also for assuring me that the program runs
on someone else's computer!

All the best,

God bless,
> Barry
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