[sword-devel] Re: Offer help (portuguese module?)

Sergio Queiroz srmq at srmq.org
Wed May 3 02:47:10 MST 2006

> Hi Sérgio,
> When I say the portuguese module is corrupted I don't mean it has
> error in the text itself, but in the encoding (although I found some
> misspellings).

Ok, you see that calling the module "corrupt" can mean different things,
so it is better to be precise of what do we mean :-)

> I use MacSword and Will (the developer) made some changes to the
> search engine that make it much better, but, due to the problems in
> the PorAA module, I can't use it because it causes the App to crash.
> Maybe if you can send me that files you talk about I can correct the
> module (or you can send me the corrected module). At the moment I am
> unable to search within the PorAA module and the program keeps
> crashing a whole lot of times, almost always because of that module.
> If I don't use the module at all, most times I work for hours without
> a single problem, if I start to use it, I start to have problems.

Yeah, it is possible that the invalid characters in PorAA are causing
that. It is also a weakness of MacSword, as no garbage in a module should
crash the program, in the ideal case (just like no malformed web page
should crash a browser). But it is very difficult to code for the ideal
case ;-)

> It would be great to correct the module entirely and post an update
> to the module at crosswire.org.

It definetely would. Maybe the Crosswire staff have already done some
update that is waiting for release, or something like that. I see that
there are files that look like Portuguese modules in the beta area for
windows (at ftp://ftp.crosswire.org/pub/sword/betapackages/win/ , the
files with names starting with Por). But I don't know their status (if
they are working, if they are locked or not etc.). I don't have windows
(Unix guy), so I cannot verify this easily.

It would be nice if the Crosswire guys could give us an update about this,
and if they would like some help to clean the technical problems with the
PorAA. What I did was to use mod2osis to have a xml file, update that, and
after used osis2mod to have a new module. But maybe this is not the best
way to do it (maybe this process is lossy and it would be better to work
with he file that generated the module in the first place?).



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