[sword-devel] NKJV New release

Geoffrey w Hastings geoffreyhastings at juno.com
Tue May 2 18:59:00 MST 2006

Hi Troy
        It's been a while.
        I have 4 questions.

1. Are you familiar with the Power Bible? www.powerbible.com
I use it along with the SWORD. It has one feature that I like and is
really the only reason I use it.
When I am typing up a class or sermon I just have to enter CTRL ALT V
together and a Power Bible window will open up to insert the verse
reference you desire. Then choose the translation you desire from a drop
down list and click on OK. The verse will show up in the application such
as Word or my e-mail or wherever my cursor is. It's very handy. 
So my first question is;  Could a feature like this be added to the
Sword. Then I wouldn't need to use the Power Bible.

2. I called the Power Bible distributor to see about pricing. I am
planning to teach a class on the Sword and Power Bible.
In the conversation He told me that the NKJV is on every CD they send
out. They have an agreement with the NKJV people that they just need to
collect 25 cents for every CD they sell. Then they don't have to mess
with unlocks etc... He told me that I didn't even have to purchase cd's
for every one in our church that wants one because they allow you to pass
the CD around. 
        What if we just added 25 cents to the Sword CD price and made the
NKJV available?

3. Since I am planning to teach this class I was wondering if it would be
worth waiting for the next release of Sword Bible CS or if you think it
will be delayed? Along with that are there going to be any new
translations or features.

4. As long as I am typing...
        Is there a way to make the name of the verse lists show up when
multiple lists are opened? I may have asked this question in the past.

Geoff Hastings

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