[sword-devel] Quick'n'dirty ESV module available!

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Tue May 2 11:11:04 MST 2006

	Thank you for your ambition!  I'm excited that you were persistent to 
learn how to make SWORD modules.  We could use more help in that area!

	Concerning the ESV.  We have a good relationship with Crossway and have 
signed a contract allowing us to distribute the ESV worldwide for our 
software (not a small challenge when another organization manages the 
rights to distribute the ESV in the UK and the rest of Europe).

	The module is completed with footnotes and cross-references.  You can 
try it out on our web software, as DM Smith has pointed out, at:


	It should be available sometime in the next couple weeks.

	Please don't distribute your module, as it would first, be illegal, and 
second, possibly hinder our relationship with Crossway.

	We need to do a better job communicating what is in the works, and this 
is solely my fault.  I hope to work on that this summer.

	I look forward to any future contributions you might be able to make 
with module creation, or fixing our unhelpful error messages!

	In Him,

Peter Clark wrote:
>     I finally got around to converting the e-Sword ESV module last night; it 
> took only max three hours, most of which were due to my complete ignorance as 
> to how to create a module. If I had known it would have taken so little 
> effort, I would have done it a long time ago. 
>     However, this is a quick'n'dirty version: no paragraph breaks, no poetry 
> formatting, nothing. It does have red letter text, since that was preserved 
> when converting the e-Sword module to CSV.
>     I had some problems compressing it (I kept getting a rather cryptic 
> error--no offense, but the programs associated with the Sword Project seem to 
> be full of cryptic and unhelpful messages like 'problem' (see vpl2mod) that 
> require looking at the source code to figure out what's going on), so I 
> decided that it wasn't worth my effort tracking down the problem. Thus, it's 
> raw text. But, if anyone wants either the VPL file or a tar.bz2 of the module 
> (it will require manual installation), let me know.
>     :Peter
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