[sword-devel] verse parsing

Greg Hellings greg.hellings at gmail.com
Wed Mar 29 06:40:17 MST 2006

Wow... all of this sounds like a very promising and exciting move from the
stringent KJV-only versification system currently in place to a much more
lenient methodology for handling the texts.  It seems to me that some of the
problem could be to maintain the current system of Keys that are in place
and cause those which currently are not to become wrappers of a base class
other than SWKey.  It would seem most natural to me to have them all be
descendants of SWTreeKey, since all texts are able to be represented as
Trees.  Then an SWVerseKey could be a TreeKey which has the ability to parse
abbreviated book names and chapters and ranges.  It might take some
difficult logic to work on a range if the Bible text is represented as a
TreeKey and the user wants something like John 2:12-3:14 but it shouldn't be
terribly difficult.

I have no concept of whether that would be beneficial or helpful, but it
seems conceptually useful for other texts (I keep thinking of modern
commentary structures which include introductions to paragraphs, chapters
and books as well as verse-by-verse commentaries underneath of those
structures - personal commentaries might enjoy that structure).  Also,
maintaining the other keys as wrappers might mean that you could maintain
compatibility, even for new texts like that LXXM which you are talking
about, with existing front-ends.  They would just access the text through a
VerseKey as they always have and the wrapper of the VerseKey would be forced
to work out the logic of incrementing or changing keys.

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