[sword-devel] verse parsing

Martin Gruner mg.pub at gmx.net
Mon Mar 27 10:15:54 MST 2006


> > So the solution in this case is not to allow for non-OSIS booknames like
> > JoshA and JoshB, but to encode the module correctly. That's what I am
> > planning for the upcoming (if we get permission) MT-LXX-parallel module.
> > If you get Josh 15, every verse will contain a table, the first column
> > being codex A and the second one being codex B. So for the booknames, no
> > modification is required as the current module structure is already a
> > workaround (from the CATSS files).
> This is good information!  Thank you.  I'm still not sure what you are
> suggesting.  Are you suggesting merging the 3 chapters in JoshA with
> JoshB?  And somehow provide variant toggling?  

Yes, something along these lines.

> I looked at JoshA and 
> tried to compare it to JoshB, but I couldn't find similaries.  Maybe you
> can.

The texts are so different in these verses that the scholars decided to regard 
them as two different traditions. That's why the printed LXX is split into 
two parts in these places. But they are still just the manuscript evidence 
for the same books. I may be wrong though, I'm no LXX expert.


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