[sword-devel] Importing E-Sword modules

Jonathon Blake jonathon.blake at gmail.com
Sat Mar 25 11:10:15 MST 2006

Peter wrote:

>     *blush* Didn't read too thoroughly, did I? :)

If you didn't know that there was a program named Zephani
TextKonvertor,  that line might not hve made any sense.

>     Having carefully read through the rest of your email :) , *and* checking Google, I haven't the software.

Try  http://zefania.de or

I"m not sure where the Zefania2OSIS program lives.  IIRC, it was a SLT
script for Linux.   [IN theory, the transformation is simple enough to
write, since both are XML variants. ]

>     Does it also work on Linux?

AFAIK, Zefania TextKonvertor is for windows only.

after taking another look at documentation for The Sword Project, the
e-Sword to CSV to VPL to The Sword Project might be easier to do, on a
linux box.   [I don't know if Text2DAO will run under WINE, or not.   
 VPL2MOD looks like it should be able to handle the CVS output of
Text2DAO.   [I haven't tried this out for myself, yet.]

>    Well, for one, I didn't know there was a conversion path until today.

The process of converting a module from one Bible Study Program format
to another, is probably the least documented aspect of module

>except that I was told repeatedly that a native version was "right
around the corner."

What might be helpful, is if there was a publicly accessible chart
showing the projected time line of modules that are being worked
on/created.   I am well aware that time frames can, and often do slip.
  My theory is that interested volunteers will step up, if they see a
favored module they want has slipped behind schedule.


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