[sword-devel] KJV2006 - 4th Beta

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 25 08:59:16 MST 2006

L.Allan-pbio wrote:
> DM,
> I tried out the "raw" KJV2006-Beta-4 with sword.exe rc1 ....
> drum roll, please <g>
> Well, nothing shows up. Am I providing "dummy checking" or otherwise 
> doing something wrong?

I guess you are providing "dummy checking". (I'm the *dummy* for not 
actually testing this module! ;)

> The KJV2006-ztext shows up ok, but not the raw vpl.
> When I try to look at nt and ot with a text editor, I'm getting a 
> message:
> "nt" contains characters that do not exist in code page 1252 (ANSI - 
> Latin I). They will be converted to the system defualt character, if 
> you click ok."
> After clicking ok, I'm still not seeing anything.
> I looked at kjvraw.conf, and see that it is trying to use ztext:
> [KJVraw]
> DataPath=./modules/texts/rawtext/kjvraw/
> ModDrv=zText
> BlockType=BOOK
> CompressType=ZIP
> I changed that to WEB settings, and it shows up ok.

It was a cut and paste error in the conf. I fixed the conf and re-zipped 
the file. It should work now (still haven't tested it! :)

> Mark 1:9 seems to be a reasonable length (was over 15000 before).
> Line 7972 and 8275 are about 3800 characters long. There are a number 
> of verses that are nearly 3000 characters long.

I took a look at the verse at line 7972 in the raw NT module and it 
seems reasonable. It is just the by-product of deep, rich markup.

The nature of the strong's markup for the NT portion of the KJV2003 
module and preserved here is that every word in the TR is represented 
with a <w> tag.
The form of the w tag supplies the following attributes:
    src="n" where n contains the position of the Greek word in the TR.
    lemma="strong:G1234" where it provides the strong's number that can 
be looked up in Strongs.
    morph="robinson:T-ASM" where it provides the morphology code that 
can be looked up in Robinsons
If the word is translated into a phrase and some of the words in the 
phase are not from it then the <w> tag is split into several 
non-adjacent parts and each of these has extra attributes:
    subType="x-n" where n is the "split" number. (Not sure what it means 
or how it was derived, or how it is used, if at all)
For Greek words that are not translated, the <w> element is fully 
attributed but empty. Its position in the verse may be anywhere.
Additionally, in the KJV words that are in italics in the print version 
are represented with <transChange type="added">added words</transChange>
And if the verse contains a quote from Jesus, it is marked up as well.
Most verses in the NT part of the module also have elements representing 
an audit trail.
There may be other markup.

There are over 50 word from the Greek being represented in the verse.
There are a lot of italic words.
The verse contains a quote  of Jesus.

So yes, length seems long, but it is very reasonable.

> HTH,
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>> YAB (yet another beta) (downloadable from the links at the bottom of 
>> http://www.crosswire.org/~dmsmith/kjv2006)
>> Again, I really value your input and the time you take to evaluate 
>> these betas.
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