[sword-devel] Importing E-Sword modules

Jonathon Blake jonathon.blake at gmail.com
Sat Mar 25 06:48:16 MST 2006

Peter wrote:

> > e-Sword Bible. Probably the easiest type of e-sword module to convert to The Sword Project.
>     Oh? How?

And from the line right under the one you quoted.

>> ZefaniaTextKonvertor, then run that to convert the module to Z-XML,
hen run the Z-XML2OSIS conversion program, then treat it as a standard
OSIS module.

Nut I'll rephrase that sentence.

Isntall Zefania TextKonvertor on your system.
Install the Z-XML2OSIS conversion program on your system.
Then start ZefaniaTextKonvertor, select "E-=Sword", then find the
appropriate e-Sword module.
Export it to Z-XML.
Then start the Z-XML2OSIS conversion program.
Select teh Z-XML file, and wtch it produce OSIS formatted text.
Then copy the file into your Stword Project directory, and your
application _should_ be able to directly read/use it.

> been waiting for the ESV to make it's way into the Sword Project for almost two years

Is the only reason that you haven't done so until now, that you didn't
know the conversion path to follow?


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