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canfield canfield at arcor.de
Fri Mar 24 07:26:24 MST 2006

To those interested, a new version of SwordModuleCreator can be found at sourceforge:
There are two flavours to choose from:
The executable is a setup file which will install the executable, help and test project files (Windows only)
The second is the source code for SwordModuleCreator for those who wish to try compiling themselves.

The program has been debugged and further developed. It is now possible to have a project which contains multiple files. The files will be compiled into a single module. The tags catalog now includes Osis, VPL and IMP formats, so bibles, daily devotions and lexicons may be created with it. All compilers are built-in and written using wxWidgets. The windows setup includes a help file which descibes the functions. It also includes a little test project showing how multiple files can be used to create a genbook module.

There is no doubt more that could be added, but at the moment I will leave this version as the final one except for any corrections found necessary. Hopefully this application will prove to be a usefull tool for those using windows. I would like to try and port it to Linux, but my attempts so far have failed due to not being able to set up the system properly for wxWidgets. Perhaps some one might like to have a go? Anyway have fun using it.
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