[sword-devel] Importing E-Sword modules

Jonathon Blake jonathon.blake at gmail.com
Wed Mar 22 18:18:08 MST 2006

Rod wrote:

>Can it be quickly and easily imported to Sword Project for my own use?

How easilly it can be converted to a Sword Project module, depends
upon what type of e-Sword module it is.

> Does some kind of filter / conversion program exist?

If it is a Bible, the easiest route to go is install
ZefaniaTextKonvertor, then run that to convert the module to Z-XML,
then run the Z-XML2OSIS conversion program, then treat it as a 
standard OSIS module.

If it is any other _text_ module, then install Text2DAO, export each
table as  CSV, and manually reformt the resulting output.

If it is a map module, then do a cut and paste job.  [Trying to
remember if The Sword Project can display Maps, and other graphical

FWIW, _The e-Sword Utility Program FAQ_ describes how to convert from
e-Sword to Pocket e-Sword.   It does not describe the conversion of
e-Sword to other Bible Study Program formts.  It  does describe how to
convert other Bible Study Program formats to e-Sword.


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