I am interested in Swig & Python for [sword-devel] Re: Swig Python bindings do not build

David Csercsics aarg at shaw.ca
Fri Mar 17 11:14:45 MST 2006

>I am interested in Swig & Python for sword-devel.  I am a professor.
>  Python is the easiest language to teach beginners.  It does not
>  have a dead end like BASIC.  Instead it has the OO power of Java
>  and the functional power of most of LISP for those who need and
>  want it.  

I actually thought about writing a pure Python API but I can't seem to
get the current C++ API to be found. Seems the linker is having trouble
finding the definitions even though I passed -I/usr/include/sword/ on
the command line when compiling my test program. I would like to improve
a few things and figure out how the modules are being parsed. Possibly
update the docs a bit and make a Python API because Python's a nice
language so it should work. The current swig stuff is sorta broken but
I'm not sure swig is the way to go anyway. It might be but I don't know
how much of Python it supports so maybe a native API is best. I think this is worth doing. The more programming languages we properly support the better. Python's a good thing because it's fully functional and runs on almost anything.

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