[sword-devel] Distribution of CrossWire software

Jonathon Blake jonathon.blake at gmail.com
Fri Mar 10 15:39:03 MST 2006

DM Smith wrote:

> While I will grant that selling on ebay is not necessarily out of line with the GPL, it may be out of line.

One issue that _all_ FLOSS software has, is that vendors do, and will
sell the programs thru normal retail outlets, without providing any
indication that the program is FLOSS.

> Also, is there a perception problem that needs to be managed?
> And, when we get to 1.5.8, shouldn't these sellers stop selling 1.5.6?

If the vendor clearly states that the are selling Version 1.5.6, I do
not think that there is a problem.  If they don't specify the version,
then there is a problem --- if only one of people being confused about
what version they are buying.  [Taking OOo as an example, V 1.0.3 is
the most recent version that will run on Win95.  Version 2.0 will run
on Win98, but only if various components are installed at the same
time.  (Uniscribe.DLL being one of them.) ]

It seems reasonable to me, to expect that some versions of the various
Bible Study Programs that the Sword Project develops  are as OS
Version specific, as OOo is.

somebody else wrote:

> > ThinkAll .. do not believe that they will agree to bring their distribution practice into conformance with the requirements of the law or with what they are permitted to do under the GPL.

This is where The Sword Project can use the services of a Pro Bona
Intellectual Property Rights Lawyer, to file suit against the
companies who violate the licence.

It might be possible to combine forces with one or two other FLOSS
projects, to take down ThinkAll.


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Corrupt conduct is a virtue.

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