[sword-devel] Spaces in Chinese Union Version

Leo So leoso at usa.net
Thu Mar 9 16:55:44 MST 2006

Hi all SWORD developers,

Just joined this list for two days. I have one question
regarding the Chinese Union Version: The spaces between
characters... I saw some discussions in the list 2003
and 2004 archive but do we have a decision to remove them
like the New Chinese Translation?

If necessary, I can help. I am a Chinese and a Windows
programmer, familiar with Chinese text processing, scripting
etc. If it is a good thing to do I can help make a newer
ChiUns and ChiUn modules.

And, looking forward to the ESV module!


P.S. I go to church in Tempe, AZ. Feel great to be close to
SWORD geographically.
  Leo So <leoso at usa.net>
  From the soft voice of a child's first prayer to the whispered
  prayer of an aged Christian's last breath, prayer is the greatest
  privilege of life and is the greatest source of power on earth.
  (T.W. Hunt and Bud Fray "Prayer and Kingdom Advance")

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