[sword-devel] KJV OT morphology

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Wed Mar 8 19:35:55 MST 2006

> If possible, I think that KJV2006 should be part of the starter kit for 
> 1.5.8. (This may not happen since I have finished with the NSIS 
> installer and Troy is eager to create a release.)

I have large reservations about releasing this text with the next 
BibleCS installer (NO NEW FUNCTIONALITY! :) )

Actually, there are specific reasons.  I'm fairly confident the multiple 
strongs numbers on a word will mess up many of our frontends, including 
BibleCS.  I need to update our filters and entry attributes handlers to 
correctly parse this stuff.  I think there is code in there to do it, 
but it's not likely it works correctly.  I'd bet we haven't tested 
headings (turning them on and off) and other things like this in 
BibleCS.  Maybe I'm completely wrong.  If I get a few "I'm an avid 
BibleCS user and I've thoroughly tested the new KJV2003 module which DM 
has posted," then I'd be happy to reconsider, but I'm not willing to 
wait for 'a couple days' for that (only because a couple days always 
turns into weeks/months/years...).

I'd be happy to package up a new BibleCS installer with the new KJV2003 
module THE VERY NEXT DAY after the release, if it really does get raving 
reviews then and we're confident we have it working well.  I'd even be 
willing to release and hold off announcing the release for a little 
while if we think we're close.  This meets the pressing need: a very 
regular download is really old and holding up new module releases.

This brings up another question.  What are we going to call this?  In my 
mind this is simply a markup cleanup of the KJV2003 project.  I would 
have named it KJV2003 rev 3.0.  The only reason for even not originally 
calling it rev X of CrossWire's KJV module is because the KJV2003 
project really was a project to add creative content and create a new 
work.  I hope adding creative content is the antithesis of what DM's 
goals are right now :)


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