[sword-devel] KJV2006 progress report

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Wed Mar 8 17:34:52 MST 2006

> In both the KJV and its genetic descendant, the NASB, every single 
> chapter, without exception, begins a new paragraph.

<quote who="me" recipient="Pike Lambeth; VP Ops; Lockman Foundation" 
date="October 14, 2003 5:23 PM">
Version 2.0 of the OSIS (Open Scripture Information Standard) spec 
should be available any day, and I have been fighting for a few new 
mechanisms so that I might be able to completely encode your NASB data 
in the OSIS specification.

I have a few questions where your comments might help me succeed in 
getting these tags added:

1) To quote your data from Matthew 8:34-9:2

{{40:8}}34 And behold<MG2400>, the whole<MG3956> city<MG4172> 
came<MG1831> out to meet<MG5222> Jesus<MG2424>; and when they 
saw<MG3708> Him, <RA>they implored<MG3870> Him to leave<MG3327> their 
<SH>A Paralytic Healed
{{40:9}}1 Getting<MG1684> into a boat<MG4143>, Jesus crossed<MG1276> 
over<MG1276> {the sea} and came<MG2064> to <RA>His own<MG2398> city<MG4172>.
<PM>{{40:9}}2 <RA>And they brought<MG4374> to Him a 
<RB>paralytic<MG3885> lying<MG906> on a bed<MG2825b>. Seeing<MG3708> 
their faith<MG4102>, Jesus<MG2424> said<MG3004> to the 
paralytic<MG3885>, <RS>``<RC>Take<MG2293> courage<MG2293>, 
<N1>son<MG5043>; <RD>your sins<MG266> are forgiven<MG863>."<RT>

There is a <PM> (paragraph break mark) after verse 1 in chapter 9. I 
would guess that this means that your editors disagreed with Jerome and 
think the paragraph ending Chapter 8 continues into the first verse of 
Chapter 9, which seems to me to be a fine conclusion. Can you confirm 
that 9:1 belongs with the paragraph at the end of 8? (or any similar 
case where the NASB does not feel that a new paragraph begins at each 
chapter mark).

<quote who="Pike Lambeth; VP Ops; Lockman Foundation" recipient="me" 
date="October 17, 2003 4:22 PM">
1. Yes, our translators thought the new paragraph should be at verse 2. 
  I know there are more situations like this but I do not have a list.

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